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                                          Rosabelle Ginger Mackinson "Belle"
                                                  1993-2010 Rest in Peace
Belle Background
   Cassie L. Mackinson, CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assesed) has been involved in the companion animal industry and welfare sector for over 10 years. She has worked in the fields of multi-species pet sitting, dog walking, dog training, horse care and professional equine body work and massage.
 The last 6 years she has been a Senior Animal Caregiver, Assistant Kennel Manager, Appointed Humane Officer, and Training and Behavior Counselor for a local animal shelter. She had been involved with the care, assessment and training of over 5,000 shelter animals. She has worked under several trainers and animal experts, all who contributed to her knowledge of animal behavior, and a commitment to a clear yet humane teaching style and a resolve to always have excellent customer service.
 Cassie has attended numerous seminars presented by renowned trainers and behaviorists such as Patricia McConnell PhD and Dr. Sophia Yin. Cassie also was an attendant of Dr. Ian Dunbar's Dog Trainer Academy. Cassie is dedicated to educating herself with webinars and texts as well as educational and hands-on workshops. Cassie is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and Certified Humane Officer.
  Cassie is a Full Member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, a member of the Animal Behavior Society, and many other animal behavior associations. She abides by the professional and science-based philosophy of these organizations. See the Links page for information on these organizations.
 I will provide you and your family with the tools you need to train your dog, and I will help you to build a better relationship with your dog. The training is safe. I use positive training, which is a component that can prevent the dog from exhibiting the side effects of punishment, see the American Society of Veterinary Behavior Association website, position statement on punishment. The training is also sensible. I can always adjust training and behavior modification schedules to fit your lifestyle and dog, while still getting results. Kindness to the pets and to the client always comes first.
                               - Cassie Mackinson, Owner and Trainer of Translation Training LLC.
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