Servicing Milwaukee, Waukesha and Surrounding Areas
Private Classes
In-Home Training and/or Behavior Modification   
This service is for training basic commands and for helping owners find solutions to frustrating behavior problems. Training is done in your home and possibly in public, dog-friendly places.
$50.00/ Hr  
$140/ 3 Hrs: Split into three 1 hour sessions.
 *NEW* (Best Deal!) $270.00/6 hours
6 week personal, in-home training obedience class!
Get all the benefits of an obedience class, but with faster results!
Has your dog ever "flunked" a traditional class beacuse he wasn't ready for the chaos?
Maybe your dog is shy, fearful or reactive in classes. Or maybe you want faster results and private, personalized lesson plans to suit your dog.
This 6 week class may be your solution!
Group Classes
Adult Dog
Doggy Essen-TAILS Class  $109.00 - 6 Weeks
Quick Class Mind your Manners  $75.00 - 4 Weeks
Puppy Essen-TAILS Class  $99.00- 6 Weeks
Puppy Quick Class $65.00- 4 Weeks
Class Locations
Classes Available at North Shore Doggy Day Care  Glendale, WI
Quick Class- Mind your Manners!- Call for availability.
4 Week Class 6:30-7:30 Tuesdays
Classes Central Bark Doggy Day Care in Sussex Sussex, WI
Class starts January 16th
Doggy Essen-TAILS: Manners.
 6 Week Class 6-6:50pm  Mondays
Adult and Puppy Classes at Bay View Bark! Milwaukee, WI
Classes start January 18th
Puppy Essen-TAILS: Unleashed!  
6 Week Class 6-6:50pm Wednesdays
Doggy Essen-TAILS: Manners.
6 Week Class  7-8pm Wednesdays
Adult and Puppy Class atTail Waggin' Doggy Day CareHeartland, WI
Classes startFebruary 9th
Adult Quick Class 6:30-7:30pm Thursdays
Puppy Quick Class: Unleashed! 7:30-8:20pm Thursdays
Adult Dog and Puppy classes guide owners in teaching their dogs appropriate greeting behaviors,door manners, leash walking, come-when-called and much more. Classes are small (limited to 4-6 dogs only) and provide owners with accurate information about their dog's behavior and training techniques that are both effective and family-friendly. These classes are for friendly dogs that are good with people and other dogs.
New at Translation Training locations!
A revolutionary, fun and effective way to train your puppies and dogs. Join Translation Training for Off-Leash Classes! Train your dog or puppy to respond to you during play and disraction. These classes are for social dogs and puppies. Classes also include on-leash manners.
Please contact Translation Training for more information on these classes and for sign-up.  
Extra Services:
In-Home New Puppy Essen-TAILS $35.00/ 1 hour consultation
Do you have a new puppy? This offering is for you! Socialization, chew- toy training, bite inhibition, and house training tips are all covered in a fun way the whole family can understand and utilize.
Walking $12.00/half-hour
Walks are always performed with safety in mind.
In-Home Behavior Modification and Care Consultations for Felines, Small Mammals and Small Avians $30.00/hr
Is your cat peeing outside the litterbox? Is your rabbit biting you when you try to clean his cage? See how you can improve your pet's behavior with environmental changes and training.
Equine and Canine Massage ( Contact for Rates and Availability)
Gas/ Travel Fees
Outside of 10+ Mile Radius of New Berlin, WI: $5.00 Gas/Travel Fee.
20 Mile Radius: $8.00
30 Mile Radius: Estimate.
For questions or if you need a pet-related service that is not listed, Contact Translation Training.
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